On Ouchs Nona Room

The On Ouchs Room at Nona Child Development Centre

On Friday, our local child development centre for kids with Autism had their grand opening for the general public at the new Nona Building. A community initiative called Build the Clubhouse Campaign was a fundraising campaign to construct a new $1.6 million facility for children with special needs. NONA Child Development Centre provides services in the North Okanagan to more than 700 children and youth with special needs and their families each year. The increasing number of children and youth who are diagnosed each year with Autism Spectrum Disorder is driving the need for more space and more appropriate resources.

Who is On Ouchs?

I was introduced to the project by a close friend who was part of the campaign member. Without any hesitation, I jumped on board to help the great cause. In total, I helped raise over $125,000 through fundraisers and also donated over $10,000 in video marketing services.

After viewing the grand opening, I can’t describe feeling when I saw my name on the room. This was a huge accomplishment for me.

Everyday I try to live my life inspired from a quote by Winston Churchill.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

On Ouchs Nona Room with Mayor Akbal Mund Chilling in my room at Nona Building New Nona Building Vernon BC On Ouchs Nona Room

Get to know On Ouchs aka Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Family Man

On Ouchs is a hardworking small business owner. He faced many struggles and challenges running a small business. He overcame his challenges by implementing some strategic and innovative marketing with a positive mindset.  As a result he was able to conquer it. He is well recognised in his hometown for his community work. He is also known for his creative ability to brand his small restaurant. Many fellow small business owners are inspired by his work, that they would take him out for lunch to pick his brain. And that gave him the idea to start a marketing business, to help small business to brand their themselves.

On Ouchs’ goal is to help and inspire other business owners around the world to reach their potential through his blog and Youtube Channel.

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