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VidSummit Team

Go Big or Go Home

In my previous post, I announced that I will be flying out to Los Angeles to attend the VidSummit 2017 on October 10-13. Hopefully I will see some of my followers there! I would love to connect with you! My Previous Post: Do What You Love To Do Just like opening up your first store-front […]

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On Ouchs

Do What You Love To Do

Just the other day, I had to turn down a few big projects to focus on more the thing I love to do. I love making videos and want to focus on it full time making videos vs working with clients. The job I turned involved me doing a real estate marketing for a development […]

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Only You Can Make It Happen

As I was shooting my video yesterday for my Youtube Channel, I was starting to think of ways to get people to remember a signature line or phrase in every video I produce. I ended the video asking people to subscribe to my channel because I have a goal to reach 100,000 subscribers by the […]

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