Seize Every Opportunities!

Everyday I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have this life. Born in a refugee camp near the border of Thailand and Cambodia, I was raised in conditions where food was scarce and medical care was not an existence. My future was nothing more than being a rice farmer making less than a dollar a day. But through a sponsorship from a group of amazing people, our family was able to relocate to Canada. Everyday I make the best of my life and seize every opportunity that is give to me. I do live a busy life as you see in the Telus video. Go chase your dream!

More About On Ouchs

Get to know On Ouchs aka Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Family Man

On Ouchs is a hardworking small business owner. He faced many struggles and challenges running a small business. He overcame his challenges by implementing some strategic and innovative marketing with a positive mindset.  As a result he was able to conquer it. He is well recognised in his hometown for his community work. He is also known for his creative ability to brand his small restaurant. Many fellow small business owners are inspired by his work, that they would take him out for lunch to pick his brain. And that gave him the idea to start a marketing business, to help small business to brand their themselves.

On Ouchs’ goal is to help and inspire other business owners around the world to reach their potential through his blog and Youtube Channel.

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