How To Quickly Tag Your Youtube Videos To Get More Views

Tagging is the first step to ranking your video in  YouTube search results and thus getting a good chance to get ranked in Universal search results as well. Here in, I’m going show you how to tag your videos to get more views. FAST and EASY. Let’s get started

Optimized Video

Before publishing a video, make sure you fully optimized the video and the uploading process to make sure that you get found by search engine. As you can see, I got a custom thumbnail which is very important. When you look into all the successful YouTubers they have a good thumbnail that they always put up. Next thing is set up your title and your description.


And last but not the least is your YouTube tags. As you can see in the example, I only got two tags which gave me trouble in optimizing this video. I know it’s not only me who has a problem dealing with tags and Voila! Brainstorming is over.

I decided to create a tool that is beneficial to all my fellow YouTubers  which is called YouTube Tag Extractor

Use YouTube Tag Extractor

YouTube Tag Extractor allows you to filter all the tags use from the  videos that are relevant to the video you’re uploading. What’s more interesting is, YouTube Tag Extractor enables you to use one or more YouTube links that the tool will filter to get the common tags used on all the videos you added on the search field of Youtube Tag Extractor.


Step 1. Open Youtube Tag Extractor

Open the Youtube Tag Extractor by clicking this link

Step 2.  Search for Videos

Go on YouTube and search for videos that are relevant to the video you’re uploading.  You can search for two or more videos that you think is relevant to the video you’re uploading or optimizing.

Step 3.  Copy Links

Copy the links of the video one by one

Step 4.  Paste Links

Paste the links on the Youtube Tag Extractor one by one

Step 5.  Click Search

When all the links are copied and paseted on the Search Field, hit the “Search” button.

Step 6.  Start Adding tags

After searching, alot of tags will be shown to you that came from the links you pasted. You have to look for the tags that are relevant to your video. You can use all if you want, but YouTube only allows you to put tags for about 500 characters and we need to follow that.

Step 7.  Click on the “Add list” button to start adding your tags.

Step 8.  Copy tags on the Clipboard

All the tags added are seen here. What we’re going to do next is hit “Copy clipboard” to copy all the tags.

Step 9.  Paste the Tags on the Video

Paste the tags you copied from the clipboard to the video you’re optimizing. And on the Tag field, paste the tags.

There you go!

This video is ready to be published! It’s fully optimized and ready to be found in the search engine.

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