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On OuchsJust the other day, I had to turn down a few big projects to focus on more the thing I love to do. I love making videos and want to focus on it full time making videos vs working with clients. The job I turned involved me doing a real estate marketing for a development company. This really is taking most of my time and added stress to my daily life. Yes I shouldn’t make up excuses, i’m simply going to say, I will focus on the things I love to do from now on.

So to be committed to doing videos full-time, I booked myself a flight to LA in October to attend VidSummit 2017. The key thing I’ve learnt from owning a small business, is networking. If I’m going to produce videos as a full time job, I will need to surround myself around people who are in same industry. People who are motivated to succeed. Not only will I meet people in the same industry and network from them, I will come out the summit learning from the speakers speaking at the summit. There’s going to be so much valuable information to be learnt from this summit in the video industry.

So if you are doing things that you are not enjoy doing, don’t make excuses and make change. Take the necessary action to change your life and start enjoy doing what you love to do.

Get to know On Ouchs aka Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Family Man

On Ouchs is a hardworking small business owner. He faced many struggles and challenges running a small business. He overcame his challenges by implementing some strategic and innovative marketing with a positive mindset.  As a result he was able to conquer it. He is well recognised in his hometown for his community work. He is also known for his creative ability to brand his small restaurant. Many fellow small business owners are inspired by his work, that they would take him out for lunch to pick his brain. And that gave him the idea to start a marketing business, to help small business to brand their themselves.

On Ouchs’ goal is to help and inspire other business owners around the world to reach their potential through his blog and Youtube Channel.

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