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VidSummit Team

Go Big or Go Home

In my previous post, I announced that I will be flying out to Los Angeles to attend the VidSummit 2017 on October 10-13. Hopefully I will see some of my followers there! I would love to connect with you! My Previous Post: Do What You Love To Do Just like opening up your first store-front […]

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On Ouchs

Do What You Love To Do

Just the other day, I had to turn down a few big projects to focus on more the thing I love to do. I love making videos and want to focus on it full time making videos vs working with clients. The job I turned involved me doing a real estate marketing for a development […]

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Only You Can Make It Happen

As I was shooting my video yesterday for my Youtube Channel, I was starting to think of ways to get people to remember a signature line or phrase in every video I produce. I ended the video asking people to subscribe to my channel because I have a goal to reach 100,000 subscribers by the […]

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On Ouchs Nona Room

The On Ouchs Room at Nona Child Development Centre

On Friday, our local child development centre for kids with Autism had their grand opening for the general public at the new Nona Building. A community initiative called Build the Clubhouse Campaign was a fundraising campaign to construct a new $1.6 million facility for children with special needs. NONA Child Development Centre provides services in the […]

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Seize Every Opportunities!

Everyday I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have this life. Born in a refugee camp near the border of Thailand and Cambodia, I was raised in conditions where food was scarce and medical care was not an existence. My future was nothing more than being a rice farmer making less than […]

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My First VLOG Video On My Youtube Channel

The other day, I did my first blog post on my blog On Ouchs dot com. And today (September 15 2017), I uploaded my first video on my Youtube Channel.  The reason I started my channel is because I had a girl asking me how to get views and subscriber to her channel. I could […]

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My first blog post

I’ve been procrastinating to start my own blog 10 years ago. You probably can relate to this in your small business. You know when you tell yourself you are going to start it tomorrow. Instead of doing it tomorrow, you decide to put it on hold to the following week. Then weeks turn into years. […]

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